Red Ring Death = Free M$ Points

Are you one of the many people who got the Red Ring of Death on your Xbox360? Have you noticed that your refurbished 360 lost ALL of the content that you purchased on Live?

If you have a refurb, try this:
Disconnect your 360 from the internet and try to play one of the arcade games that you purchased. It is a demo! You only get the full version when connected to Live.

Why didn't M$ tell you, or hook you up with points when you got your refurb? FUCKING JERKS. I discovered the issue one day when Live was down and fought with M$ for 8 months before I got "compensation."

Here is a trick to get free M$ points if you've had to get a replacement 360.

To get your points refunded, you need to create another profile on your 360 and connect to the market place (get to the screen when you add points and then backout). Having this done before you call support will speed up the process. Also, get a list of all the content that is missing and add up the points.

Call support (1800eatshit) and try to explain that you need points. The techs are stupid, or they are trained to act stupid, so this might be a challenge. You will eventually be escalated to a "supervisor" who will review your case. List all the shit you are missing and how many points you expect to get back. They will confirm everything in "the system" and then promise a call back with redemption codes to get your points. They never called me back, so I kept calling them until they gave me my points (did I mention that they are fucking jerks).

When you get the points, you won't be able to buy the same content you already purchased with your original gamertag (which is the point of the second one you created...) because "the system" thinks you already own it. If you really care about the original content, rebuy it with your new account. If you want to piss in M$'s eye, buy a bunch of new shit with your original account. Now "the system" thinks that your original account has all the old shit plus a bunch of new shit. Next time your 360 fails (give it about 6-8 months), repeat the process and collect more points (original content + new content = fuck M$).

I have confirmed that this works. And I had the rep I spoke with last tell me it was OK to do this. Suckers!


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